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Absolutely NOT! Come train with us and just do drills and NEVER get hit once. But at the same time learning to actually fight/defend yourself and get in the greatest shape of your life!

Will I lose weight? 

Absolutely! Its almost impossible not to !

Do you teach beginners?

Yes! Just remember everyone including every WORLD CHAMPION has had a first day at the gym. We teach you everything from day one, and will take you as for as you want to go! We will make you feel comfortable and have fun while working out and getting in the best shape of your life!

Do you have family discounts?

We absolutely love families that train together! Contact us today, we have great discounts for 2 or more people that sign up for ANY of our great programs.

Do you have Military and Police discounts?

YES! We support all branches of the military. We have great deals for military and all branches of civil officers. We have many police officers and fireman that actively train with us. Come in and try a free class and ill give you all the details.