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All of our instructors have fought in Kickboxing competitions. They all have many years of experience not only in competition, but in teaching and showing you exactly how to do the techniques properly. While getting the best workout and accomplishing your goals.

Head Instructor

Mark "The Hyena" Beecher

I have coached many of the top athletes in the world and bring my experience directly to you!

Instructor/Kickboxing Competitor

Samuel "The Bull" Mongonia

Active competitor and is on a 20 fight winning streak. He teaches classes in the Houston and Katy locations.

Instructor/Kickboxing Competitor

Uriel "Woody" Figuroa

Active competitor and a very knowledgeable teacher/Coach. He teaches at the Houston location

Instructor/Kickboxing Competitor

Nethaneel "The Technician" Mongonia

Active competitor and he is a technical Competitor, Teacher and Coach. They don't call him the Technician for nothing! He Teaches at the Houston Location.

Instructor/Kickboxing Competitor

Ray Aninzo

Active competitor and a great teacher and coach. Ray loves to tire people out with his high intensity cardio training classes. He teaches at the Katy location.

Instructor/Kickboxing Competitor

Jennifer Guerrero/Kickboxing Competitor

She is an active competitor and great teacher and coach. She is also a "South Paw" (left handed boxer). So she can help you with all the mysteries and the dreaded south paw. She teaches at the Houston location.