The benefits of kickboxing workout

The benefits of kickboxing workout

Have you ever tried kickboxing? If no, then you are missing out on a great way to burn off calories. Kickboxing is a form of exercise (martial arts) that combines punching, kicking and boxing using your hands, knees, arms, punches, feet, and legs – all in quick, repetitive motions.

The name “kickboxing” does not mean you have to actually kick someone, but the series of movements of your spins and ducks, legs and arms will help to give you an intensive cardio workout. Perhaps you are still doubtful if kickboxing would be helpful as part of your exercise program, then you need to consider a few of its benefits.

The benefits of kickboxing are as clear as a pane of glass. Beyond weight loss, the results that can be achieved through kickboxing workout include muscle strength, joint strength, bone density and cardiovascular endurance. Other benefits are as follows:

Boost Energy

Even as kickboxing requires lots of energy, it can also increase your energy levels. You may feel fatigued at the end of class when you are just starting kickboxing training, but as you build your strength and cardio fitness, your energy levels build as well. You will also avail from sweating out the toxins you are exposed to all through the day.

Alleviate Stress

Kickboxing takes the stress-reduction benefits of exercise to a new level. Punching and kicking can be cathartic, but the sport also requires cardiovascular fitness while providing strength training for your whole body. In fact, the movements learned in kickboxing target multiple core muscle groups, and within a few minutes of kickboxing, you will feel your stress melt away.

Improved Confidence

During kickboxing workout, your brain releases endorphins which are known to elevate mood and improve confidence. More significantly, the endorphins released during your kickboxing workout will help you feel happier for hours after you have completed the workout.

Note: No matter how much you exercise or think you are fit, you should be very careful when you first start this program. You can workout at your own pace and gradually increase your intensity level.

Who is kickboxing workout meant for?

Just like choreography class or aerobics learning, this type of fitness program appeals to all ages.


As you can see, kickboxing workouts have lots of benefits. Through it, you will develop higher confidence levels, energy, and coordination while you maintain your overall body fitness. Please call us at (insert number) or visit (insert your link) for more details on kickboxing workouts.  

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